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Details on our analytics...

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Audio Messages

This will allow you to create short audio messages

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Private Podcasts

This will guide you on how to make your podcast private, add and remove subscribers

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An introduction to bCast!

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Master & Sub Accounts

The difference between a master and a sub-account

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Submitting Your Podcast To Directories

All you need to know about podcast directories...

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Custom Domains

These docs will show you to set up and troubleshoot a custom domain

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All about transcriptions!

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Your Podcast Website

Everything about your podcast website...

9 articles

Creating A Podcast

How to create a podcast...

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Promoting A Podcast

Using bCast to promote your show...

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Importing A Podcast

How to import a podcast to bCast...

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Audio Inserts

All about audio inserts...

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Email Lists & Auto Optin

All about email lists and Auto Optin

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How to integrate other products with bCast

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