How to add midroll audio inserts

To add a midroll audio insert, you must do the following:

1. Log in to your bCast account.

2. Select a podcast.

3. Go to Audio Inserts.

4. You will need to add a midroll audio file by following this guide.

5. Once the midroll audio file is uploaded, select "Manage insert schedule".

6. Choose an episode one at a time where you want to insert your midroll then select the blue icon on the upper right corner of the episode you selected.

7. Move the buffer cursor of the player and select the time stamp where you want to position the midroll insert.

8. Click the dropdown to choose a file for your midroll and then select the add icon.

9. You can also add midrolls as many as you want by changing the time position then following step 9.

10. Once done inserting the midroll, select finished.

11. Set the dates when the audio inserts should be active on the selected episodes.

12. Once done, select "Start Build Of Episode Audio Files"

13. Wait until the building of the insert is completed or reload the page to see the progress.

14. You can also delete the existing midroll by clicking the trash icon below the midroll button.

And there we have it, team!

Try the midroll audio insert now and if you have questions, do not hesitate to drop us a message at

Happy bCasting!

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