How to add audio messages

"Audio Messages" is a feature that will allow you to record a short message that you can convert into an "Audio Insert".

You could also send a voice message directly to our legendary man and co-founder of bCast, Tom Hunt! 

To add you must do the following:

1. Log in to your bCast account

2. Select a podcast

3. Go to "Audio Messages"

4. Record a message maximum of 5 minutes

5. After recording, add a title and a description then hit save

6. Once saved, you can now convert it into an audio insert.

7. To send a recorded message directly to Tom, please copy the URL on the top and then paste it into a new tab.

8. Record a message for Tom, input your name and email (optional), and then hit send.

And there we have it, team!

If you have any questions regarding this feature, do not hesitate to ping us at

Happy bCasting!

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