Episode title split testing

What is the use of title split testing?

bCast launched this feature for the user to know which title is getting more traffic, downloads, and listeners.

Then bCast will choose later on which title is more effective.

How to activate title split testing?

  1. Log in to your bCast account
  2. Choose or select your podcast
  3. Go to Episodes
  4. Choose or create an episode
  5. Activate the split test button
  6. Fill out the Title A and B
  7. Complete the form and then hit save

Choose two options, publish your episode and over the next 24 hours, bCast will split test them and then automatically select the title that performs

That's our awesome title split test feature!

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach us at support@bcast.fm.

Happy bCasting!

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