Create a podcast

This document shows you how to create a podcast, there are two options:

  1. Creating a podcast from scratch
  2. Import a podcast from another service

In this document, we will focus on the former: how to create a podcast from scratch. After clicking the button you will land on a screen where you can upload the following assets:

  • Photo
  • Title of your podcast
  • Beside the Title textbox, you can see the live button (green arrow)
  • Description
  • Primary and Secondary Category
  • Sorting button of episodes from first to last (blue arrow)
  • Button if your content contains “Explicit” (orange arrow)
  • Author Textbox
  • Copyright Textbox
  • Keywords
  • Brand Website
  • Language
  • Publishing Time Zone
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Player Brand Color
  • Email List

Once your done filling in the text boxes you can now save your podcast and you can now go back to the main page to view it, just like the image below:

For the podcast to be "live" you will need to click the "Live" option on the podcast setting screen.

And now we’re done creating a podcast, congratulations.

Happy bCasting!

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