Adding and removing an episode

You can add and edit your episodes on the episode tab within a podcast:

Here is how to add an episode to your podcast:

  • Just click "+ add an episode" and it will take to the image below
  • You can also add a photo for your episode, Title, number of episodes, publish date and time, summary and you can also upload recorded audio by clicking "choose an audio file"
  • Do not forget to put the author’s name
  • You can also put a note on the show notes and turn on the button if your episode has explicit content
  • To notify a guest do not forget to put their name and email address and hit the notification button (red arrow) and then hit save:

Removing an episode

1. Click your podcast

2. Go to "Episodes"

3.  Click the episode that you want to remove;

4. And to the most bottom part just click delete episode

Happy bCasting!

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