Audio Inserts build fail fix

As discussed before, Audio Inserts need to be the same "sample rate" and "bit depth" of the episode they are being inserted into.

This is normally fine if you process the insert in the same way that you produce your episodes, e.g. with the same software or with an audio editor (who would understand how to do this).

If this is not the case, here is a quick fix!

You can use Audacity to ensure the sample and bit rate of the inserts are identical.

  •     First download Audacity here:
  •     Then import the audio insert and the episode one at a time into Audacity (CTRL+SHIFT+I)
  •     Export the insert and the episode at 44,100 kHz and bit depth of 32 and then export
  •     Re-upload both to bCast and this will now start working for the inserts

Once you upload the audio file to bCAst go to "Audio Inserts"
1. Click the Episode/s that you want by clicking "Choose Episodes"

2. Click the episodes you desire to put the audio inserts.

3. Choose an audio insert file for the start and final (red arrow)

4. Choose a date when to publish the audio insert (blue arrow)

5. Choose a date when to stop the audio insert and leave it blank to run continuously. (green arrow)
6. Hit "Build Episode Audio Files"

Note: Please make sure that your episode is published for the current date and time for you to preview the result.

Happy bCasting!

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