Adding podcast player to a wordpress site

Log in to your bCast account

Select your podcast

Select "Episodes" (red arrow)

Select "Share Options" (blue arrow)

Once you clicked the share options you will see the image below.

Select copy for the "Embed this episode in your website or blog by pasting this code."

After you copy the code go to your wordpress site and select an episode that you wish to change the player from any platform to bCast player.

How to do it?

1. Log in to your wordpress

2. Select "All Post"

3. Search the episode that you want to change the player and then select the episode to edit

4. Find the player and delete it

5. Once you deleted it, go to the text and paste the code that you copied from bCast.

Click "Visual" to view the actual player and select update.

Awesome! We are done!

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