Submitting a podcast to Amazon Music

To submit to Amazon Music please go to this link:

Note: The page is for one-time use only so you have to go back to the link and then click it again if you will submit another podcast.And you will be directed to the Amazon page.

Go to the most bottom part of the page and then click "Next".

And then you will be directed to a page just like the image below where you can choose 1 up to 20 responses.

Choose the number of responses and then hit next.

Put the name of your podcast and RSS feed and then hit next.

You can find your RSS feed by clicking your podcast in bCAst under the "overview"

Put your full name and the email address of bCAst:

Select your host by looking "other" and then type "bCAst'

Select your country.

HIt "yes"

Please read the Content License Agreement below. Amazon shares and processes (in accordance with the Amazon Privacy Notice) the information you submit here to your designated third-party hosting company for purposes of making available your content in the Amazon Music/Audible Services.

HIt "Yes, I Agree" if you agree and then hit next.

And then we're done :)

Note: How will you know when your podcast is available on Amazon Music/Audible?

Please go to the link below: and then search for your podcast :)

This guide shows you how to upload a podcast to Amazon Music... we also have guides for other directories here:

Happy bCasting!

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