Submitting a podcast to Google Podcasts

Submit your podcast to Google Podcasts:

Getting your podcast listed in Google Podcasts is a little different than submitting your show to other directories because of the technology used to search for podcasts. Here's how you can help the process along.

1. Make sure your RSS feed and podcasting website meet Google's criteria

Before you ask Google to index your podcast, verify that your RSS feed and podcast website is searchable and that both meet Google Podcasts' guidelines.

If you have a bCast account, we will do the submission for you just click the auto-submit and you will receive a verification code.

2. Submit your RSS feed URL to Google

If you want to help Google pick up your show more quickly than it would on its own, you can manually submit your RSS feed to Google. Enter your Google account and then it will prompt you to start and then add a show.

Submitting your RSS feed initiates Google's search technology to crawl the internet for your website, and should help speed up the indexing process.

3. Wait for Google to index your RSS feed

It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days for Google to index your RSS feed, so be patient! If you don't see your show listed in Google Podcasts within a week, double-check the list of criteria in step #1.

It could be that detail in your RSS feed or podcast website is keeping your show from being picked up by Google's search technology, so be sure to read through the guidelines carefully!

If you want to check if Google index your RSS feed, you can go ahead and check the preview

This guide shows you how to upload a podcast to Google Podcasts... we also have guides for other directories here:

Happy bCasting!

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