Submitting a podcast to Stitcher

To submit to Stitcher go to the link below:

1. Click "Join Us Today" and then put your RSS feed

2. Hit "Next"

a. If your feed is already registered sign in and if you forgot your previous account please contact the customer service of Stitcher.

b. Stitcher will show a podcast if your show is familiar if it is yours click "This is my show" if not, click " No, I don't see my show".

3. Click "Next Step"

4. Fill out the form to submit your show and then click "Sign Up"

5. Agree to the terms and conditions

6. Proceed to the partner portal and then we are done!

This guide shows you how to upload a podcast to Stitcher... we also have guides for other directories here:

Happy bCasting!

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