Adding/removing audio inserts to an episode

To add an audio insert to an episode:

1. Go to "Audio Inserts" and click "Choose an episode"

2. Select episodes that you want to put the audio inserts and you can select up to 25 episodes.

3. After choosing an episode, it is now the time to choose audio inserts. (intro and outro)

- Select a start date and the date if you want a limited date only. If you want to set it for the long term, just leave it blank.

- Save the audio file and build and we're done adding audio inserts to an episode :)

To remove an audio insert to an episode:

1. Just go to "Audio Inserts" and choose an episode that you want to remove the audio.

2. After you choose audio, leave blank the next step and do not put anything.

3. And then hit "Start Build" and it will remove the audio insert that you have built.


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