Create an audioform video from a podcast episode with Headliner

To create an audio form with Headliner:

1. Go to "Episodes" and choose your desired episode.

2. After you select an episode, go and look for Headliner under the transcribe to text button.

3. Select the aspect ratio and then hit next.

4. The next step is to trim your audio where you can edit the duration of your audio.

There is also a time selector per social media that allows you to set the limit of the duration under its standard.

There is also an option for transcription with 119 languages available!

Once you are done hit next.

5. Customize, where you can change the waveform, image, add a text, progress (where you change its color and the appearance of it) and you can also add a background.

Once you are done, hit export video now and we're done!

Please watch the video for a more awesome walkthrough done by our co-founder of bCast Tom Hunt!

Thanks for watching!
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