Manage your bCast website

Managing your bCast website well can have a big effect on your listeners.

Having a catchy title that relates to the content of your show, an awesome color of a player, and of course setting up an email list to create more leads for your podcast.

1. Log in to your bCast account

2. Select your podcast

3. Select the gear icon on the upper right corner to manage your bCast website

4. Let's manage your bCast website

  • Title - Put your podcast title
  • bCast website image - This will be your podcast default image whenever you published an episode without saving any image.
  • RSS feed- Your RSS feed.
  • Description - Add a description of your podcast.
  • The primary and second category - Select your show's category.
  • Display episodes first to last - You can also have the option if you'd like to display your episodes from first to last or from the latest to the first one.
  • Contains explicit content - Podcast will be marked in directories as having explicit content.
  • Author - The name of your podcast's creator. This could be your company or brand. It will appear in podcast players.
  • Copyright - The copyright message for your podcast.
  • Keywords - You can add keywords for your listeners to easily find your podcast.
  • Brand Website - Your brand's website. Will be included on the website we create for your podcast.
  • Language - You can choose your podcast primary language (We support 96 languages).
  • Publishing timezone - The timezone of your publishing date and time.
  • Contact name - The name of the person who can be contacted about your podcast.
  • Contact email - The email address of the person who can be contacted about your podcast.
  • Player brand color - Choose a color to brand your podcast player.
  • Email list - Email list to collect leads for your podcast.
  • Include show notes in feed - Include show notes in podcasts feed to display them in players and directories.
  • Podcast Type - The podcast type is used to display Apple podcasts by episodic or serial.

5. Don't forget to hit "Save Podcast"

6. You can also check the preview by copying the link and open it to a new tab.

To understand more on how to manage bCast website refer to the video below conducted by our co-founder Tom Hunt.

Thanks for watching!
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