How to publish a podcast episode on YouTube

To publish a podcast episode on YouTube we must:

1. Log in to your bCast account

2.  Integrate to Youtube

3. Select a podcast

4. Go to "Episodes"

5. Select an episode you desired to publish

6. Make sure to set the episode "Live" and then click the button "Publish to Youtube"

7. Select a content

8.  Select or upload an image

9.  And then select

10. And then you'll be needing to wait for the podcast to be converted cause it takes time :)

11. Once it's done converting you will see the image below and then click the link "Video" to see the preview

Note: Within our YouTube integration, there is currently no provision for scheduling the YouTube upload, even when the podcast episode itself has been scheduled.

And we're done! If you have any confusions you can go ahead and watch the video tutorial done by our bCast co-founder Tom Hunt!

Thanks for watching and happy bCasting!

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