How to read bCast's new analytics

We can now view the number of listeners and downloads.

How do differentiate between listeners and downloads?

  1. The download is counted whenever an episode is downloaded from the bCast RSS feed
  2. When a unique device downloads an episode from the bCast RSS feed, or when a listener plays an episode in less than a second, a listener is counted.

You have now the option to view the listeners or download analytic data

You can check the date range by day, week, months, years, and custom date range.

Exclude unknown data - This will remove any downloads or listeners from your analytics that can't be tracked directly to a known source (the bCast Player or a podcast directory such as Apple Podcasts)

Podcast subscriber estimate - This enables you to see how many loyal listeners your show is getting overtime

Summary - under this tab, you will see the flow of the data within the date range.

You will have the option to change the presentation of the data whether line or bar graph. 

Episode -  under this tab you will see the number of listeners or downloads of a specific episode.

Location - You can now see the location and the number of listeners in a specific country.

Apps and Directories - in this tab, you will see the specific data and from which app or specific directory listeners and downloads are coming.

Devices - you can see here devices that were used to listen to or download your episode.

Operating Systems - you will see here the OS that was used by the listener or downloader.

YouTube - you will see here the episodes from your YouTube channel that were listened to.


All download data is not filtered so we can't be 100% sure each download is a person listening to your show, there would be some bot data. 

This is why we introduced the Listener metric which we have much more confidence that each listener is a real person.

And there we have it, team!

If you think of any ideas that would help bCast to improve more, do not hesitate to message at

Happy bCasting!

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